Physical meetings

All participants gather in one venue.

Hybrid meetings

Some speakers online, some participants behind their own screen.  All the others gather physically.

Online meetings

All speakers and all participants behind their own screen.


Open content send to many online participants.


Private content streamed to registered online participants.

(Corporate) videos

Deliver your message on any platform using a professional video.

Multihub meetings

A specific form of a hybrid meeting.  Different hubs are directly connected to each other.  All participants can participate in the discussion.  This is a perfect solution for very interactive meetings for a limited number of active participants.

Fully Customizable

With 40 years of experience we make sure your event is tailor made.

Also your companion in:

  • Social media video
  • Product launch
  • Educational video’s
  • Virtual board meetings
  • General assembly (with voting)
  • Online workshops
  • Medical Guidelines publication programmes
  • Supporting video for awareness programmes
  • Long term hybrid working spaces
  • Award ceremony