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How ABBIT works

• First we map your meeting or event within your organization. • What is the goal of your meeting or event? • How does this fit within the mission and vision of your organization? • How are the participants linked to your organization? • What kind of experience do you want your participants to feel • What knowledge shall participants retain for your meeting or event? • How many new contacts per participant are a must for the success of your meeting or event? • Based on these elements, ABBIT can advise what meeting format to use for your specific meeting or event. • How can we satisfy your stakeholders?
• The format has been chosen. • We analyze competing or similar meetings and events and define their weaknesses and strong points. This will help to find your spot within that same market. • A good understanding of your participants behavior and habits are key to build a long-lasting relationship between them and your event. This is valuable if your event is a recurring event.
* With defined goals and solid insights into the (market and) participants, let’s get started. How do we translate this information into a successful meeting or event? What platform is needed, what technology would be used best? What kind of hardware to use? • Together we draft a roadmap with clear definitions of responsibilities and budgets. Your internal or external communication agency can come in the picture here for your communication strategy and to make sure the meeting or event is in line with your own communication guidelines.
• Let’s get into the details. How can the budget be used in an optimal way? A great event does not always require big budgets. ABBIT is known for a high-quality outcome with limited budgets.
• The actual meeting or event. ABBIT can do the entire set-up for: o hardware, o software, o human tools, o speaker training, o put a director at the helm and everything that is needed to make your event a success.
• We, at ABBIT, are confident in our products and services but we also realize we can never stop learning. A post event feedback meeting will help everybody involved to improve the event for the coming years. • And that is exactly what we aim for, be your long-term global production companion!

Abbit can be hired for all these modules together. Or you can hire ABBIT for separate modules, depending on your own needs and or strategy.

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