ABBIT started out as a video production company. Founded by Maarten Vanneste in 1982, growing from video production to meeting support, Abbit now focuses on much more than merely audio-visual (AV) support and production. We realised our clients needed specialists with the knowledge, tools and techniques to address their meeting objectives. Which is why ABBIT meeting support, then ABBIT meeting innovators and now ABBIT meeting companion.

The basis was and is to make sure your AV works perfect and works reliably.

We also design session formats, optimise your presentations and strive to achieve maximum engagement and interaction during your event.

ABBIT focuses on what really creates impact with your event: well informed and well-networked participants that go home engaged with your messages and goals. A perfect production with a focus on the outcome and ROI will instantly be more effective.

Each year, ABBIT meeting innovators supports around 275 events globally, almost 50% of which are US based clients. In 2018, ABBIT became part of a bigger entity; the PFL-Group. With a larger team, brand new infrastructure, expertise in video- production and much more means ABBIT is now, more than ever, the number one innovative force in meeting and conference support.

Why choose ABBIT

ABBIT  is an audiovisual provider since 1982.
We design effective and creative meetings to meet your needs and strategy.

We use a 3-level approach of service based on the characteristics of your event:

  1. ABBIT assists you in choosing the best meeting format for connecting your participants. We follow through all the way to the execution
  2. ABBIT accompanies you on every step of your event, online and/or on-site with specialized staff.
  3. ABBIT is part of the PFL-Group.
    In-House services include all audiovisual hardware, software, digital production and planning .

Our staff is educated in all the latest technological developments.
We offer you a tailor-made support to guarantee you the best experience.

ABBIT is not just a meeting technology provider, it’s a meeting technology companion.

What is so unique about ABBIT:
ABBIT guarantees your meeting to take place. Planning starts now and you decide later if you go live, hybrid or online.  We don’t wait for new restrictions to become softer or tougher. From the start we plan for all the different options.  If the rules change, we don’t have to start over, we just switch plans.

Who we are

The ABBIT-team is a creative bunch that loves to think, create and act.

We have clear goals and purposes, but that doesn’t mean we will go the short and easy way.  We like a detour if we think we can add value to your meeting.

We all have different backgrounds and therefore different insights.
These differences combined create innovation, surprise and new insights.  We believe cross contamination between our and your team to have a result that exceeds your expectations.

What ABBIT does


Live, hybrid & virtual meetings
Meeting innovation
Meeting support
European touring partner
AV rental & productions
Multihub meetings


Tell your story

As a meeting companion we will help you to tell your story

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Meeting innovation

To design more effective meetings & events, you need tools

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Meeting support

We coordinate everything for your event, giving you time to focus on the essentials: YOUR PARTICIPANTS

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Multihub Meetings

Multihub Meetings is a service by ABBIT that connects groups of participants in different cities, locations or continents in a hightech and dynamic way so it feels like everyone is in the same room; hybrid meetings.

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Our characteristics

We believe in customer service. If you have a question, you will get an answer. If you are facing a challenge, we’ll find a solution. We are in this together a dedicated PM will be at your side. WE have short lines of communications to get you the answers as soon as possible. We look at your needs and select in our warehouse the most suitable equipment, looking out for your budget.

We are focused.
We know what we are good at and we know we are not good at. We focus on our strengths and we are honest to you when we are skilled enough. That way you can always trust us.

We are organized.
We have a solid structure and a well conceived business plan.
ABBIT is a reliable companion for now and for the future.

Positive and decisive leadership.
We believe in een healthy work environment for all ABBIT employees. This atmosphere creates a relaxed environment that is transferred to all our projects.

Meet the ABBIT-team!

Frank Denies

Frank has been working with ABBIT since 1999 and from day one he has been the glue that holds our events together.

Frank coordinates everything, from finding the right equipment to getting the best crew member in situ at your event. Even when you start feeling the heat, as logistics manager Frank will be there to (figuratively) wipe the sweat off your brow.

Paul Vanherck

Paul started with ABBIT back in 1987.
He’s is as much a Project Manager as he is our CTO, but you can also rely on him as your own personal AV butler.

Thanks to his drive and years of experience, Paul has +30 years of zero failure projects under his belt.

Business Development

Evelien, married and a mum of two, started with ABBIT back in 2003. Despite taking a six-year break from the meeting industry, Evelien couldn’t stay away and thankfully realized her passion lies with ABBIT.

​Meeting design and innovation are her thing. Particularly, ABBIT’s most recent innovation: Multihub Meetings. She is a true mother hen when it comes to her clients.

Dominic De Gruyter

Dominic started his career as a passioned sound engineer.

As demands for more technical support raised, he decided to rent a warehouse and buy more AV-equipment.
25 years later, he owns several companies and as CEO of the PFL-Group he employes more than 45 people.

A natural born entrepreneur!