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Which audience interaction tool is right for you?

Keeping people engaged throughout your meeting or event is easy with the help of a good audience interaction tool or two.
Captivate audiences not only with your concepts and ideas, but also with tools that spice up your event and let them be part of what’s happening over at the lectern.

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An audience interaction tool helps your audience laser-focus

Engaging your audience with an audience interaction tool has several benefits. It makes your event or meeting more engaging, more fun, it is cost-efficient and encourages active listening behavior. At ABBIT, we can help you organize meetings that use these tools to great effect, thanks to our talent pool of experts and years of experience. There’s Slido to facilitate a two-way communication with your audiences, the highly customizable MeetingPulse to add voting tools, raffles, questions and quizzes to your presentation, and many more. Together, we will figure out what audience interaction tool makes for the best inclusive meetings for your company. Discover how we work and find out how to enlist our services in the best possible way.

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If you would like to find out more about the optimal audience interaction tool or tools for your company, do let us know by calling +32 14 44 88 33 or by sending an e-mail to For a full overview of our offer, take a look at our ABBIT menu.