KU Leuven organized a virtual event.

The more than 300 participants were challenged to rate the 20 project videos in a tailormade virtual event platform.

A nicely composed livestream image was embedded in the platform so participants had an all-in-one experience.

ABBIT Meeting Innovators collaborated with Learnify Limited to deliver for the online event participant a true engaging and connecting virtual journey with access to live content, agenda, speaker info and bios.
The ABBIT team, that was sitting together in their command centre, coached the remote speakers in a dedicated virtual lobby. The entire production and ABBIT’s remote support was highly appreciated, as you can read from these testimonials:

Sarah De Baets, PhD, International Research Funds, Research Coordination Office (DOC):
“Dear ABBIT team, thank you very much for taking such a good care of our speakers and participants.
It looked amazing. We received lots of positive feedback.”

Senne Geleyns, Sales Advisor, Presence Translate & Interact:
“Dear ABBIT team, nice to hear nothing but good comments. I participated myself and really enjoyed the experience, definitively worth repeating!”