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With the right kind of conference software, nothing is impossible in ways of engaging your audience, getting your ideas spread, and getting results when in a meeting, even with people who are on different continents than you. At Abbit, we can help you find the conferencing tool that’s a perfect fit for your event, and implement it so that everything goes 100% according to plan. Ready to maximize results?

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A few conference software tools you need to know about

There are plenty of conferencing tools out there. You might even know some of them already quite well. These different kinds of software options all have their shared and original individual strengths, giving you a vast array of options on how to dress up your sustainable meeting or conference. At ABBIT, we are experts in identifying the optimal conferencing tool for you, helping you plan your event from scratch, and staying on-site to make sure everything runs smooth from the technical side. The best conference software available at this moment includes:

  • Zoom: up to 100 people can join, but free meetings can only last up to 40 minutes.
  • Skype Meet Now: ideal conference software for small groups, as you get unlimited time, but the participant cap is set at 50 for free versions.
  • GoToMeeting: a conferencing tool on the expensive side, but very advanced and business

These are just a few conferencing tools that we work with. We are more than happy to dig yet a little bit deeper for you, or help you work with the conferencing tool of your choosing. Discover our full menu of services here.

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