⭐️ What a remarkable journey it has been!
In just a span of 14 days, the ABBIT Team orchestrated a remarkable kick-off event for the ALDE Party “Renew Europe Now” campaign at the esteemed Art & History Museum Brussels.

Over 500 prominent guests from all over Europe witnessed our achievement, where we seamlessly blended projection, LED, visuals, sound, wristbands and lighting to create an unforgettable celebration.
There is nothing left for us to do but to thank everyone who made this all possible in such a short notice:
✅ To start with, our client, the ALDE Party Team. Didrik de Schaetzen, Maria Claudia Pastena, and Sara Fornoza – for their unwavering trust in ABBIT.
✅ Special shoutout to Roberto Malfatto and Raffaele D’Eredit for their outstanding design and guidance.
✅ Our stellar A-team: Paul Vanherck, Frank Denies, Evelien Aernaudts, Filip Kenis and all our other fantastic crew members.
✅ Our partner for camera operations FlyAway
✅ And our dedicated cameraman and editor Gaetano Virgallito for making this very nice video.
We wish the ALDE Party the best of luck with their campaign and elections! 👏