With the Multihub technology, ABBIT brought 350 health professionals located in 18 cities across Spain together into one meeting.

With eight opinion leaders presenting from Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Oviedo, Madrid and Alicante, the 3hr medical meeting was a fully interactive event.

Several Q&A’s where scheduled into the script in to allow for local as well as global discussions between the 18 locations.
Mobile based voting and feedback meant even remote, individual viewers could share their opinion and felt involved.

For this particular meeting a facilitator was necessary to manage and give each of the 18 locations a chance to comment, ask a question or share knowledge. This was an opportunity facilitator Rosa Garigga More, had been waiting for. As an accredited Digital Event Strategist (DES) through PCMA’s Digital Experience Institute (DEI) this was a unique case to put her training and knowledge to use.

As well as drastically reducing costs for the client (no flights or accommodation), we ensure that despite going hybrid the event remains engaging by preserving face-to-face interaction. Every participant can network locally within their own hub, and globally to all other hubs.