On March 31st ABBIT Meeting Innovators became part of a bigger entity; the PFL-Group.

A larger management team, brand new infrastructure, expertise in video-production, total event concept, web- streaming and much more means ABBIT is now, more than ever, the number one innovative force in meeting and conference support.

In 2018, PFL became the new home for the ABBIT- team and merging the technical and logistical components will make ABBIT meeting innovators and Abbit Multihub meetings even more competitive.

The new collaboration is a totally supportive one and as the ABBIT founder, Maarten Vanneste, says: “In the new PFL structure, ABBIT is on its way to a bigger and brighter future. An amazing set of possibilities from the PFL-Group are now available to the ABBIT team. That will increase quality, stability and a safe environment for further innovation.”

CEO Dominic De Gruyter believes that “As a part of the bigger PFL-Group, ABBIT will continue to service its current clients and grow significantly with the existing and new clients from the PFL -Group. All international meetings and conferences in the group will become the ABBIT focus so even more innovations can get to market maturity sooner.”