Over the past year there has been a significant shift towards webcasts, hybrid and virtual meetings. More agencies and production companies offer it as part of their services, and digitalisation within corporate organisations means even they are leaning towards this new way of meeting.

Not necessarily because it is a better format than meeting face-to-face, which it’s not, but perhaps because the alternative is impractical and/or too costly. Yet many of us are still reluctant to embrace hybrid and virtual meeting formats.

Maarten Vanneste CMM, author of ‘Meeting Architecture: A Manifesto’ (MDI 2008) and founder of the Meeting Design Institutehas written the first book to help meeting designers, architects and planners understand the concept of the Multihub Meeting format.

According to Maarten, Multihub meetings are the upcoming format and the ideal combination of face to face and virtual. Groups of participants in different locations are connected (virtually) in a way that people say, ‘it felt like we were all in the same room.’