Some webcasts require a more sophisticated and dynamic touch.
This is where ABBIT can offer its Multi-Cam set.
A new set that allows us to capture more dynamic shots of speakers and ensures you have a polished end result.
The PFL-Group (under which ABBIT is now a company) recently invested in three broadcast cameras. Meaning you can now rely on ABBIT for the technical production of your basic webcasts, Multihub Meetings and even those webcasts that need a little more refinement.

The new broadcast cameras can capture the entire meeting from every angle at a professional broadcast standard. They offer focus zoom and give us more material to work with during and post-event.
With the addition of a robotic camera, we can also capture a live audience. Resulting in an overall broader recording and more engaging webcast.

Why settle for a one dimensional webcast when you can give your viewers a show. Get in touch with us today and one of our Meeting Innovators will help you work out the best solution for your next webcast.