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Find the right online conference platform

Finding an online conference platform isn’t too hard in this digital age. However, finding the right online conference platform for your event is something else entirely. At ABBIT, we will assist you in planning and executing your events every step of the way.
Including of course identifying the right digital conference platform for your needs.

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Discover the online conference platform for you

Organizing a digital conference is, like its real-life counterpart, serious business. Choosing the right digital conference platform is an important part in this. There are some great conference software options available for you, but you can also consider using an online conference platform for some extra firepower:

Eventzilla: this digital conference platform is a great organizing tool for all kinds of different conferences and webinars. It’s compatible with video streaming partners like Zoom and GoToWebinar and lets you work together directly from your browser.

Whova: an all-in-one online conference platform for streaming sessions, engaging participants in inclusive meetings, and much more.

Airmeet: your best option for small or medium meetings, with a handy ‘backstage’ option that make for dynamic meetings.

These websites are just the tip of the digital conference platform-iceberg.
For more information and best practices on how to run these smoothly from your main hub, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call +32 14 44 88 33 or send an e-mail to and we’ll help you organize your online conference from scratch, whilst helping you running the platform incident-free on event day.
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