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Find the perfect online meeting tool

If you want to organize a great (virtual) event that will provide plenty of value to your audience, then you need an equally great online meeting tool to make sure your virtual meeting ticks of all the boxes you want to tick off. You also need the organizational and technical support to make everything go as smoothly as possible. ABBIT is your one-stop solution for all these challenges. We help you plan, execute and evaluate your real-life and virtual events and set you up with the online meeting tool that best serves your purpose.

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Organize a great virtual meeting with the right online meeting tool

There’s of course not just one online meeting tool out there for you to use. At ABBIT, we are experts in the different kinds of meeting and conference software. There’s bound to be one that matches exactly with the wants and needs of your planned event. There’s Livestorm, Proficon, Easymeeting, Webinarjam, good old Skype, and many more. All with their own strengths. Include us in the organization of your meeting or event from the planning stage onwards and we will utilize or expertise to hook you up with the online conference platform that’s perfect for your virtual meeting. We also provide plenty more organizational services.

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Don’t hesitate if you’d like to find out more in how we can help you find the perfect online meeting tool for your virtual meeting. Give us a call on our number +32 14 44 88 33 or send an e-mail to Our office is located in Beerse (near Turnhout) but we can work from anywhere you’d like us to. We are also hiring.