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How to organize a sustainable meeting

A sustainable meeting (or greenmeeting) is all about managing waste, on a lot of different levels. Sharing information, coming up with new ideas and cultivating business connections can fairly easily be incorporated within a green framework. At ABBIT, we can help you plan, execute and evaluate the sustainable meeting where everybody wins, including the environment.

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Ideas for organizing a sustainable meeting

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to organize a green meeting. For example, you can get people together under the banner of a hybrid or multihub meeting where not all participants need to be in the same place. But even when gathering everybody in one venue, there are plenty of options in making your meeting as sustainable as possible:

Avoid single-use plastic items like cups and cutlery, but go for the kind that you can wash and simply reuse at your next event

Instead of handing out plastic badge holders that break easily and are tossed away at the end of the event, use reusable fabric badge holders that are sturdy enough to be of use to your guests outside of the event

Consider organizing a multi-hub meeting to reduce the carbon footprint of attendees having to drive or fly to your location.

If you’d like to organize a green meeting but lack organizational and technical know-how, we are more than happy to help you set up this sustainable meeting from scratch. Beyond this, we also provide many other services.

Let’s organize a green meeting together

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