ABBIT continues to look for new and engaging ways to innovate your events. In close collaboration with H.Essers’ Marcom team, we created virtual reality content for an immersive session during the grand opening of their newest warehouse.

The event was to mark the opening of H.Essers’ latest warehouse spaces at their new establishment in Evergem.

Whilst the event was to officially open the new warehouses, it was also to promote them to potential buyers. H.Essers invited various company directors to come view the new space, whilst ABBIT ensured the event ran smoothly in all technical aspects (lighting, sound & projection).

As a trusted partner of H.Essers, ABBIT Meeting Innovators was brought in to come up with an overall concept as well as deliver technical and audio visual support throughout the event. In addition to ABBIT’s usual services, we also provided virtual reality (VR) technology. A new technology and service you can now expect from ABBIT.

The entire concept of the event was worked out by ABBIT, in close collaboration with H.Essers’ Marcom team. From the first site visit we were able to determine exactly what was required technically to bring H.Essers ideas to life. Over a period of 3 weeks we built a concept and turned that concept into reality.

The aim was to show off the new space. Which is why the reception and event took place inside the actual space itself. Guests walked into a semi-dark room that was sectioned off by pallets and red H.Essers tape. The screen was hung onto the front of several pallet racks, along with banners either side. Whilst the back of the warehouse remained a dark as possible, red up lighting ensured key elements of the space were still visible whilst also creating an atmosphere.

After the presentation guests were split into two groups. The first group went on a tour of the building. Whilst the other half watched a 3D film about the further development of the space.

ABBIT recently invested in several VR goggles and created the 3D footage inhouse. The fully immersive 3D film showed guests the possibilities of extra warehouse spaces on the surrounding grounds.

ABBIT Meeting Innovators continues to look for new and engaging ways to innovate your events. Which is why we regularly test and invest in new technologies and techniques, and consequently ensure we develop with our clients