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Testimonial from Allison Stroud, Philips

It is always nice to have a testimonial from an appreciated client.

Thank you very much Allison. We love working with you!

Multihub Meetings: the perfect solution!

During a MPI Belgium virtual event the online facilitator invited the online participants to discuss in their virtual breakout the following thesis:

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What a great customer testimonial!

“I was very happy with the technology and the service .” S.Z. Medical Education, large international pharmaceutical company.
Looking back at a successful 2-day virtual advisory board connecting more than 20 healthcare professionals on camera,

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How we can help with your virtual meetings!

How will you do your meetings during (and after) corona? A virtual meeting is the perfect solution! We can help you setting this up.

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The answer to the coronavirus; GO VIRAL


The impact of Corona can be felt on a worldwide scale.
But we remain hopeful. If we truly work together, we can ride this storm.

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Mail from a client … a customer experience with the ABBIT crew

Hi Paul and Frank,

Thank you for your work on the Cvent stand for Confex. We had a very good feedback from management so I hope this can be the start of a long-term collaboration.

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Taking your webcast to the next level

Some webcasts require a more sophisticated and dynamic touch.
This is where ABBIT can offer its Multi-Cam set.

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Testimonial from a client; Simply read about a customers experience with Multihub

All we can reply at ABBIT is simply: Thank you very much!
Julia Cabrera

Sometimes, a spontaneous post on Social Media – in this case Linkedin – is the best publicity one can get!

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